Pay African Leaders to Conserve Wildlife. Not Conservationists.

6 thoughts on “Pay African Leaders to Conserve Wildlife. Not Conservationists.”

  1. Well said, there are vast tracks of land that can serve as rhino farms. Please activate the donate button Mike.

    1. Donate button was working when tested it. Let me know if there is a problem. You need a PayPal account.

  2. What a load of hogwash! Really? Their track records speak for themselves. Do you really believe that by rewarding corrupt leaders, it will all suddenly change?

    You need to wake up to the real world.

  3. Conservation is similar to development economics. In the latter after decades of ideas, rcts, research and many magic bullets which turned out to be blanks, recently some one came up with the idea just give these poor rural folks cash. Conservation is going through the same iterations and will end up with the same solution. Conservation though is still not people oriented enough.
    These posts of yours are thoughtful and worth posting anew on twitter.

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